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Wire Wrap Tutorial | Wire Wrap Crystal Point Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to wire wrap a quartz crystal point, using a cool little negative space design.


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Wire Wrap Tutorial | Wire Wrap Crystal Point Tutorial

Level: Intermediate
By Bobi Jo Gilman

In this tutorial, I will show you how to wire wrap a quartz crystal point. This digital download will teach you how to make your own wire wrapped crystal pendant. This is an intermediate tutorial with basic concepts on how to wire wrap a crystal. The tools you will need for this project are as stated in the below description.

Materials needed for this project:

• One Quartz Point of Decent Length (Mine is about an inch and a half)
• 18, 20, 26 and 28 gauge Copper Wire
• Chain Nose Pliers
• Semi Flush Cutters
• 2” Rubber Tipped Spring Clamp
• Nylon Jaw Pliers
• Bail Making Pliers

Techniques explained in this tutorial:

• Basic Frame Building
• Setting Points
• Coil Making
• Weave-less Bail Making
• Negative Space

Notes: In this tutorial I will be showing you how to incorporate negative space into a pendant, using a Quartz point. You will be learning some very basic concepts, as shown above. This piece measures 2 ½ “x 1 ½ “ and is only considered intermediate for the coils. As always, remember to have all of your tools needed and a good attitude to learn!! Happy Wrapping!!!

Copyright and terms of use: The design, images, and text of the piece in this tutorial are property of Bobi Jo Allen and Timeless Tempest. You may not reproduce, share, or copy this tutorial in whole or in part. You may create the piece and sell it where ever you like, as long as you give credit for the design. You may also create your own designs from the techniques outlined in this tutorial, as long as you use your own text and photographs with your own unique design. Thank you, and have fun!


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