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Wire Weaving Patterns | 9 Intermediate Wire Weaving Techniques

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This wire wrap tutorial includes 9 useful wire weaving techniques that you can use in your wire wrapped jewelry.


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Wire Weaving Patterns | 9 Intermediate Wire Weaving Techniques | Wire Wrap Tutorial

Level: Intermediate
By Bobi Jo Gilman

Materials needed for this project:

• Copper Wire, One size of frame(18-22g) and One size weaving wire(24-32g)
• Chain nose Piers
• Nylon Jaw pliers ( For flattening out weaves or straightening bent frame wires)
• Semi-flush cutters

Techniques explained in this tutorial:

The Techniques encompassed in this tutorial are all just general weaving techniques. You want to be sure to pay attention to the way you lay your copper for every round, to make it uniform both on the front and back of your weaves. I’ve broken these all down into separate sections for each weave, with a total of 9 weaves.


This tutorial is chock full of new weave designs which I consider to be intermediate level designs. As with all of my tutorials, I want you to remember that you can morph these tips into your own weaves, add your own flair, or just change them completely. I implore you to use your imagination and be open-minded!! You’re capable of wonderful creations. Be sure to bring all of your supplies and most importantly your attention span; but don’t forget to have fun!!

Copyright and terms of use: The design, images, and text of the piece in this tutorial are property of Bobi Jo Gilman and Timeless Tempest. You may not reproduce, share, or copy this tutorial in whole or in part. You may create the piece and sell it where ever you like, as long as you give credit for the design. You may also create your own designs from the techniques outlined in this tutorial, as long as you use your own text and photographs with your own unique design. Thank you!

1 review for Wire Weaving Patterns | 9 Intermediate Wire Weaving Techniques

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    Juli Brown

    Just downloaded “Wire Weaving Patterns | 9 Intermediate Wire Weaving Techniques” and looked through it. The selection of weaves are very unique and elegant patterns with many accompanying clear photos that lead you through easily written instructions. It’s most helpful to learn the weave’s name while you’re learning the weave itself!! Shopping at Timeless Tempest: Bobi Jo Gilman’s website is EASY!

    Besides accepting PayPal, in your Timeless Tempest account you may view and download any tutorials you’ve previously purchased. A blessing for me who’s misplaced and then ended up buying duplicate tutorials or when my computer died, my tutorials were irretrievable and lost forever. Thanks! Juli 😉

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