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Celtic Triskele Pendant Wire Wrap Tutorial Pdf | How to make a Wire Wrapped Triskelion Pendant

Learn how to make a Wire Wrapped Triskele / Triskelion Pendant with detailed, easy to follow, step by step instructions!


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Celtic Triskele Pendant Wire Wrap Tutorial | How to make a Wire Wrapped Triskelion Pendant

The Triskele, or Triple Spiral, is originally a Greek word meaning “three legs”. It is often referred to as the Triskelion, with earliest creations dating back to the Neolithic era, such as those seen at the entrance of New grange, Ireland. Archeology will tell us that it was used within Celtic culture since 500BC to date. There are many different interpretations of what this symbol actually means. Some think this symbol represents movement or motion, and is believed to signify the motion of action, progress and revolution. Other meanings include the connection of mind-body-spirit, life-death-rebirth, past-present-future, etc.

Regardless of our own personal interpretations and what it means to each of us individually, this beautiful symbol with its many diverse and complex meanings is as well-loved today as it was by the Celtic culture 1000s of years ago. It was a treat putting my spin on this famous historical insignia, and I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. 🙂

Level: Intermediate

Steps: 63

Materials needed for this project:

• Copper Wire (20 and 28 gauge)
• Round Nose Pliers
• Chain Nose Pliers
• Bail Making Pliers
• Flush Cutters
• 2” Spring Clamp

Techniques explained in this tutorial:

• 6 Wire Braid (GREAT technique to learn for celtic inspired pieces)
• Making Spirals
• Hiding End Wires

Notes: This triskele wire wrap tutorial is labeled as an intermediate wire wrap tutorial because hiding wires can be not only difficult, but will vary between artist to artist when making the piece. This guide includes my own preferred techniques for hiding wire ends as smoothly as possible. If your preferred technique for hiding wires differ from the ones I use in this tutorial, please feel free to come up with an alternate design or play with the design as you wish. Besides, it’s never a bad thing to mix it up a little now and then! So feel free to put your own flare on it. Or, simply follow along and make it exactly how I instruct you to through this tutorial. Either way you choose to work, please enjoy yourself and have fun!


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