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Celtic Knot Ring Wire Wrap Jewelry Tutorial Pdf

Celtic Knot Ring Wire Wrap Tutorial Pdf. Tutorial Contents: 18 pages, 31 steps with clear high resolution images, and detailed instructions for each step.


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Celtic knotwork was not only practiced as artwork by the Celts, but also had deeper meanings behind it. Since the Celts did not keep records of themselves before the Roman’s conquest of Gaul, what we know of their culture comes mostly from Greek and Roman historians, as well as from oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. In general it is believed that to the pre-christian pagan Celts, the knotwork may have represented both the circular infinity of the universe, as well as how the spiritual and the physical world are intertwined into one.

This celtic knot ring wire wrap tutorial pdf was inspired by the beautiful wire woven jewelry of the past, and the mysterious traditions of the people of the Celtic isles. I have also designed it as simple project that most beginners can take on with no problem.

Level: Beginner/Easy

By: Bobi jo Gilman

Tutorial Contents: 18 pages, 31 steps with clear high resolution images, and detailed instructions for each step.

Materials Needed:
– Chain Nose Pliers
– Semi-flush Cutters
– 1 Rubber Tipped Clamp
– 20, 24 and 28 gauge wire
– Ring Mandrel

Techniques explained in this tutorial:
– Simple Variation to the Spike weave, used to hold the braid in place.

Notes: You can make this ring any size you choose. Please be sure to use your Ring Mandrel throughout the project, to keep the ring shape and size correct. If you don’t have a ring mandrel, you can use an appropriate sized, cylindrical shaped object around the house; just make sure the diameter is correct for what you want.

Copyright and terms of use: The design, images, and text of the piece in this tutorial are property of Bobi Allen and Timeless Tempest. You may not reproduce, share, or copy this tutorial in whole or in part. You may create the piece and sell it where ever you like, as long as you give credit for the design. You may also create your own designs from the techniques outlined in this tutorial, as long as you use your own text and photographs with your own unique design.

Thank you, and have fun!


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